• We provide professional waste management services and aim to bring in a disciplined action with the help of residents to maintain a clean and hygienic society.

• We intend to engage in your personal waste practices and help environment by segregating waste. Our facilities team will handle waste efficiently and safely on regular basis by collecting dry and wet waste separately and use these wastes purposefully.

• We are trying to address the critical problem of waste segregation and disposal in a proper and effective way. We take the responsibility to create awareness on how recycling waste is worthwhile for a sustainable environment.

How Can You Help Us?

Waste Management

① Segregate

Segregate waste at source. Keep recyclable and non-recyclable waste separately (Dry & Wet).

Waste Management

② Pickup

Our Team will arrive at your doorstep to pick up the waste.

Waste Management

③ Done

We take the responsibility to assist waste to recycling and maintain a greener environment.

Our commitment to the community

We will help in transition towards a circular economy.
  • Avert wastes piling in Landfills to reduce pollution in land, air and water.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint emerging from community by addressing the plastic problem and arrest plastic pollution.
  • We work closely with socially conscious organizations in making sustainable and eco friendly products using your waste as a raw material.
Waste Management