Our services are broadly divided into below categories that facilitate soft services, security services, engineering management and administrative support attended by a team of well-groomed and well-trained professionals.

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Engineering Services

• Property Managers
• Facility Managers
• Assistant Facility Managers
• Facility and Admin Executives

• Shift Supervisors
• Electrical Supervisors
• Electrical Technicians
• Multi Skilled Technicians
• Lift Technicians

• HVAC Technicians
• Plumbing Supervisors
• Plumbers

• Building Management System Operator
• Fire Technicians
• Carpenters
• Masons
• Painters

Soft Services

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal

Housekeeping Services

• Housekeeping Managers
• Housekeeping Executives
• Housekeeping Supervisors
• Housekeeping Staff

Pantry Services

• Pantry Boys
• Office Boys
• Runner Boys

Support Services

• Help Desk
• Support Staff

Security Services

• Security Officers
• Security Supervisors
• Security Guards
• Lady Guards

Other Services:

Complete end to end Landscape Maintenance.

Pest Control
Comprehensive Site-Specific Pest Control Services.

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